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Origin Story: Homegrown Klik

Homegrown Klik consists of a conglomerate of artists and producers from the East and West Coast, U.S.A. Originally based in Pierce County – Tacoma, Washington, Homegrown Klik , also known as “H.G.K”, was created by DJ Eugenius and Pakalolo in 1998 when their contract with I-5 South Records, Inc. was terminated due to creative differences.

H.G.K’s first compilation album sold over 190,000 units independently! Pakalolo’s first solo album was scheduled for release in June of 2000, but due to legal circumstances during his early years, it was never released.

A hip hop artist or group with ‘genuine’ and ‘true’ street credentials only come around once in awhile. It is nice to hear a West Coast artist that isn’t grounded or to one particular style, vibe, musical influence or sound.

H.G.K’s music continues to grow and grab your ear while ‘reaching out’ to all demographics of hip-hop fans Worldwide!

Being a true lover of Music, not just Hip-Hop, it is very refreshing to finally hear an artist or group that brings real melodies and composition in their work.

In addition to their music, Homegrown Klik is launching a Clothing & Accessory Line specifically tailored to their Fans, Xtreme Sports Enthusiasts and those of us who live and believe in the “Alternative Lifestyle” , Worldwide!

Although their Online Store and Accessories is limited, they continue to grow. Homegrown Klik has specifically limited designs so their , “Fashion is always Fresh”!


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